Week in Review: April 7

CBC Cuts Deep

CBC announced significant cuts due to funding and revenue shortfalls this week. The cuts will result in a loss of 657 jobs and programming will be scaled back in sports, self-produced TV series, and live music performances.


The CBC continues to adjust its business model and operations following the loss of $115 million in government funding in the 2012 federal budget. Even prior to this, Canada’s per capita funding for public broadcasting was one of the lowest among industrialized nations.


Fred Herzog Wins Audain Prize

This year’s Audain Prize for Lifetime Achievement in the Visual Arts was awarded to Vancouver photographer Fred Herzog. Herzog rose to prominence in 1950’s as a pioneer in street photography and one of the first to incorporate colour in his pieces.

fred herzog

Mike Daisey Takes on Rob Ford

Mike Daisey, a highly regarded and controversial monologist, announced the premiere of his next piece aimed at Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford. Daisy’s Dreaming of Rob Ford opens May 21 at Toronto’s Crow Theatre and aims to challenge societal issues of how we construct fame.


Trash or Treasure?

Police in Hong Kong have scoured their local landfill in an attempt to find a $3.7mil painting that was accidentally discarded. The chinese ink wash painting by Cui Ruzhuo was reportedly removed from the five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel by cleaners which led to fears that it had been carelessly thrown out.


Coachella Sets The Stage

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, one of North America’s premiere live music festivals gets underway this week. Fans lucky enough to score a ticket will get to take in some of the biggest names in music including Arcade Fire, Muse, Outkast, and Beck. Fans who didn’t manage to make it out to the festival will still get a taste of the action as they stream the entire event live though their Youtube Channel.


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