LEARN: Informative Answers from Digital Manager Jesse Tanaka

Digital Manager Jesse Tanaka answers real MPMG client questions about digital marketing.

If you have a limited budget, is digital marketing the best bang for your buck?
Question from Early Music Vancouver

Jesse: The best bang for your buck is marketing to a database, as it’s always less costly to keep a patron than try and reach a new one. Providing an easy way for audiences to stay informed about your upcoming initiatives is essential for all organizations. Often the most cost-effective way to reach these audiences is digitally through an email newsletter service, which can be delivered at little or no cost.

I wouldn’t look for digital marketing (email, social media, online advertising) to replace all other promotional efforts. It is, however, so cost effective that it should be a part of everyone’s budget.

How would you determine what would be the best investment for an organization in terms of putting marketing dollars into Facebook ads vs Google Display ads?
Question from The Cinematheque

Jesse: It would depend on whether the work is well-known or requires a bit of education for audiences. Facebook ad creative offers a little more flexibility to communicate what the show is about and also has a better ability to target niche audiences. It would also depend on if you are reaching new audiences or are remarketing to past website visitors.

It is important to monitor results to make the best investment decisions. A good basic strategy is comparing the cost of bringing a visitor to your website from each platform. On a more advanced level, you could also track converted sales from your online ads. If what you are promoting is less likely to be purchased online, such as tickets to a film, you can set goals in Google Analytics for time spent on the landing page to get a better indication of the quality of traffic.

How can an arts organization effectively use Instagram to build awareness for their work?
Question from Holla Jazz

Jesse: Create content that showcases the experience of attending, the work that goes into preparation, and the quality of the performers involved. Offer reasons to attend, rather than telling audiences to buy tickets.

On a highly visual platform such as Instagram, the quality of photos or video can make all the difference in showing audiences the calibre of work being performed. If you’ve dedicated time and money to great content, it may be worth looking at even a small additional investment towards running paid social media to make sure it gets seen.


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