A First Glimpse at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s New Creation

We’re in the early days of an exciting marketing campaign promoting the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s newest work, Svengali.


The ballet represents a return to the company’s classical roots, and tells the story of a young ballerina, Trilby, falling under the hypnotic spell of a dark, mysterious stranger, Svengali.  The creative mind behind the new work is Mark Godden – who most recently delighted Vancouver audiences with his balletic intepretation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Vancouver audiences won’t have a chance to see the work’s powerful athelticism and world-class artistry until April 20 to 22 at the Centre for Performing Arts – but we can begin to appreciate Godden’s intricate and fast-paced choreography now through a behind-the-scenes video series currently being created by the RWB.


The first video in the series has now been posted, and features Svengali choreographer Mark Godden and RWB Artistic Director André Lewis in conversation, interspersed with footage from the rehearsal hall:


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