Week in Review: September 8

Vancouver Fringe Festival Fills the Stage

The Vancouver Fringe Festival entered its final week of performances concluding on September 14. The annual celebration organized by the First Vancouver Theatrespace Society attracts over 30,000 attendees each season to celebrate theatre in all its diverse forms.


Fringe Festival


Toronto International Film Festival Fills the Screen

The Toronto International Film Festival continues this week, which also wraps up on September 14. The festival founded in 1976, has since grown to one of the largest in the world becoming a top destination for both the independent film industry and Hollywood celebrities.


Toronto International Film Festival


U2 Releases Unwanted Gifts to The World

The iconic rock band U2 released their latest album, Songs of Innocence free to iTunes customers as a joint project with Apple. As the album was pushed to automatically appear in iTunes accounts, the group received a swarm of backlash as users not interested in their latest offerings discovered that they were unable to delete the album.


U2 iTunes


Shakespeare’s Complete Works Translated To Mandarin

The U.K. government announced plans this week to donate 2.7 million to translate Shakespeare’s complete works into Mandarin. The goal of the cash infusion is to build a cultural cooperation with China and for East and West cultures to share art across boundaries.


Shakespeare Mandarin


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