The Week in Review: July 1


A shortlist of architects for the new Emily Carr University was announced this week. The three final candidates are Vancouver-based Bing Thom Architects, Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects, and Toronto-based Zeidler Partnership Architects.

The $134-million new campus will be located along Vancouver's Great Northern Way, and offers each firm the opportunity to make an iconic contribution to the city's landscape.


The Vancouver Foundation awarded City Opera Vancouver a $30,000 grant to help launch its opera Pauline. The much-anticipated libretto is written by luminary author Margaret Atwood, and centres on the final days of writer Pauline Johnson's life. The work is scheduled to premiere at The Cultch's new York Theatre in May 2014.

Atwood-lovers who prefer ballet to opera need not fret, as the writer's iconic novel The Handmaid's Tale will be brought to stage by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet this October.

Poster art for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's upcoming production.


Tragedy struck in Las Vegas last weekend, when a 31 year-old performer fell more than 25m during a performance of Cirque du Soleil's Ka. The devastating incident marked the first performance casualty in the Canadian company's almost 30 year history. An immediate investigation ruled the death to be accidental.



A producer in Portland has applied a novel way to attain live audience feedback for his new show Somewhere in Time. Rather than wait for post-show surveys, he has equipped audience members with four-setting dials that viewers adjust based on their enjoyment/interest of the current proceedings.

Seated at the back of the house with a laptop, the producer receives real-time feedback of exactly how the work is being received.


A minor hero around the LMPR offices, Mikhail Baryshnikov returns to the stage this week at the Manchester International Festival. With a ghostly white face, protruding horn of hair, and black lips, he is joined on stage by actor Willem Dafoe in an adaptation of the absurd Russian novella, The Old Woman.

While the fiery Russian is instantly remember for his work as a dance artist, the performer has also compiled an impressive acting resume, with film and TV credits including White Nights and Sex & the City, as well as extensive work in theatre.

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