The Making of Svengali: Episode Two

The second video in the ‘Making of Svengali” series, presented by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, has just been released, highlighting the evolutionary process of choreographer Mark Godden’s new, entrancing ballet.


In this video , Mark speaks with RWB Scenic Designer Andrew Beck about defining the space, using various moving screens to divide the stage. This clever concept will also allow the classical touring company to adapt the performance to various sized stages around the world.


We are particularly excited to see the company return to its classical roots for this Vancouver presentation. You will notice that Mark speaks to a ballet barre defining the dance studio scene – with members of the company performing in long, flowing tutus suggestive of the Balanchine-era.


The reason for the ballet studio setting is that in this new production, Svengali spends his formative years under an oppressive mother who runs a ballet studio. He escapes her repression and flees to a decadent city, reminiscent of mid-century Weimar, where he finds the beautiful and malleable young dancer, Trilby. Under Svengali’s entrancing influence, Trilby is transformed into the darling of the ballet world, but her star ultimately rises beyond Svengali’s powerful emotional grasp.


We look forward to providing more behind-the-scenes info on the fascinating creation process with Mark Godden. Svengali takes to the stage in Winnipeg, with its world premiere on October 19 to 23.




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