Social media and online casinos

Social media has become a really massive part of the modern world, as platforms such as Twitter and Facebook become more popular all the time and bring in millions of users from all over the world. These sites can be superb ways for businesses to spread the word quickly about the latest offers they have available or what the latest news is connected with their product, service or industry. Online casinos are one type of company that have really found these sites beneficial, in terms of brand promotion, customer service and viral advertising.

It is the connection that social media is able to create between the customer and company that makes it especially valuable for businesses – as people can follow or like companies on Twitter and Facebook respectively. Facebook is brilliant for casino sites, because once a regular user has ‘liked’ an official online casino Facebook page; they will automatically receive updates every time something is posted on that page. The online casinos are not simply waiting for people to come to them though, as Facebook now allows firms to place promoted advertising posts in the news feeds of people who have shown an interest in gambling or other relevant subjects. Whenever someone likes the casino site page, their friends will be informed of this, some of whom are likely to have similar interests – bringing more potential new customers.

Twitter also has major benefits for customer service oriented companies like online casinos, as when people follow the Twitter account of the casino, they can interact quickly and easily with it through ‘mentions and direct messages. This means, complimentary tweets can be retweeted to a wider audience and problems can be dealt with quickly by the customer service line, which keeps customers happy and is more likely to see them talking on Twitter about how great the casino is.

It is not just Twitter and Facebook either, as a video-based site like Youtube provides online casinos such as with the opportunity to create videos with how-to tutorials on complex games like blackjack and poker, or adverts that go viral – like the comedy-based Chris Kamara ones from a couple of years ago. This sparks public interest and brings in more people to the sites, and the videos can be shared on Facebook or Twitter – as well as promoted through hashtags on the latter – creating streamlined and consistent social media promotions for the casino sites across all of these platforms.

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