Must Subscribe E-Newsletters for Arts Marketers

People often ask us where we get our arts marketing information – though much of what we do comes from experience and creative team brainstorms, we do subscribe to e-newsletters that act as vital tools in our work. Not all of the e-newsletters are specific to arts marketing, but they are marketing tools that we are able to specifically apply to the arts.

National Arts Marketing NL

National Arts Marketing Project – Invaluable, industry-specific tips, tricks, and case studies for arts marketers. They share everything from important research about such items as arts attendance to webinars that discuss social media trends. Subscribe here.


Marketing PR Filter – The latest happenings in Public Relations from across the country. From the makers of Marketing Magazine, Marketing PR Filter offers vital information on the latest trends, successful marketing campaigns, and more. Subscribe here.


AdFreak Daily – An engrossing array of eclectic ads and gimmicks that currently have people talking, and the internet typing. They share fascinating – albeit at times shocking – articles and ads, that might just offer some wacky inspiration for future campaigns. Subscribe here.


Colossal – Creative, inventive, and inspiring pieces about the latest and greatest in the art, design, and visual culture world. Though it is not marketing focused, Colossal offers a sneak peek into some extraordinarily creative art, and will keep you up to date with some of the goings on in the art world. Subscribe here.


Arts Journal – A glimpse into current affairs in the arts on a global scale. Arts Journal covers a wide range of topics from arts in the media to arts funding for festivals and organizations at large. A vital tool to keep up to date on arts news, and you can choose whether you receive it daily or weekly. Subscribe here.

What are some of your favourite e-newsletters – arts marketing or others? We’d love for you to share them with us in the comment section below. 


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