MPMG Summer Youtube Club

Friday afternoon team viewings of some of Youtube’s best offerings are a time-honoured tradition here at MPMG. It’s important to make time to connect with one another and allow ourselves to learn, to be inspired or to share a laugh. During the sunny summer months especially, it can be nice to let your Friday brain off the hook early to focus on intake instead of output, so we’re launching our 2017 Summer Youtube Club and we want you, our fans and friends, to be involved!

Here’s how it works…

Starting on July 14, our team will meet every other Friday afternoon here at MPMG to enjoy some videos. Different members of our team will contribute to the viewing list each week.

We’re in search of any and all internet gems that our team needs to see, from excellent marketing examples to motivating speeches to the latest great SNL skit! It could be something thought-provoking, inspiring, informative, touching or hilarious. The goal is to find things that our staff will be excited about and interested in.

We will collectively decide on our pick of the week from all of the videos watched and share it via our social media channels.

Here’s where you come in! While some of the viewing selections will be contributed by members of our staff, we’d like to hear your suggestions as well. Send us videos you think our team would love by tagging us or using #MPMGYoutubeClub on social media. We can’t wait to see your picks and let you know which are our faves!

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