Delicious Summer Cocktails: Watermelon Tequila

Summer cocktails are always an excellent treat after a hard day at the office or at the end of an exhausting gardening session in the burning sun. If you’re just looking to relax and sip some tasty cocktails with your guests or significant other, we have great news for you. LMPR has already started to feed you with a number of excellent recipes for some of the most delicious cocktails of the summer. But because we know you’re always thirsty for more and variety is never a bad thing, here is the recipe for the refreshing tequila watermelon cocktail.

Ingredients For The Watermelon Tequila Cocktail

You are going to need a quarter cup of water, a quarter cup of lime juice, as well as one and ¼ cups of silver tequila and a quarter cup of sugar (preferably granulated). You will also need around eight cups of watermelon without the seeds and which has already been sliced and a few blueberries (1 and ¾ cup), ice and mint leaves.

How To Mix The Cocktail

You will need to mash the watermelon and use a sieve to strain all the juice. Add the tequila, blueberries, sugar syrup, lime juice and mint. To obtain the sugar syrup, use a saucepan to bring water and sugar to a simmer and make sure all the sugar is dissolved.  You should have time to check out the latest New York lotto numbers of the week on the LotteryMaster web site. Refrigerate the mix made from the sugar syrup, mint leaves, lime juice and blueberry fruits with the mix made from tequila and juice obtained from pureeing the watermelon and let it sit for two hours. Then pour the fresh cocktail into glasses filled with ice and use mint sprigs to garnish it and give it a nicer look.

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