Colour & Character: Green

Colour & Character is an LMPR blog series that looks at the emotional and psychological associations different colours possess and the ways in which marketers and costume designers utilize them. The series is inspired by an episode of the brilliant CBC radio program 'Under the Influence.'

The New Year is a time deeply associated with renewal. Numerous vows are made to eat better, exercise more, and attain wellness. Mistakes and regrets are put behind, allowing for clean, new chapters to begin. In all things, people promise to be revitalized and refreshed.

We therefore thought we would start 2013 by looking at the colour that has become synonymous with these self same ideals…


What it is used for:

Due to its abundance in nature, green has come to represent life. It is the de facto hue for designers seeking to forge associations with health, freshness, renewal, growth, and the environment.

Famous Examples in Marketing:

Green is not nearly as popular as red or blue in the corporate world, as its thematic and emotional associations are much more specific.

Companies using the hue therefore generally fall into one of two categories: those who promise their customers healthiness, freshness, and revitalization…

… and those looking to identify as eco-friendly or environmentally conscious.

It is also worth noting how the very word green has taken on enormous significance and serves to indicate that a product or organization is environmentally friendly, such as with Greenpeace and Green Works above.

Famous Examples in Costuming:

As with logos, green's most prominent service in costuming is not to tell us about wearer's personality, but to connect them with nature. For this reason, it has become the signature colour for all manner of elves, fairies, leprechauns, and nature lovers alike…

This is but the briefest glance at the way green is used to create associations for a company or character. We hope you will think back as you come across the hue in films, plays, and ads, taking a moment to consider what the designer is trying to convey to the audience by using fresh, life-filled colour.

If you happen to have a favourite green costume or logo, why not let us know in the comments?

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