A Tale of Two Posters

It is always fascinating to work on national touring productions, especially when each city is able to exercise their own distinct imagination, infusing the main campaign artwork with specific imagery, colour, and copy that will appeal to a specific local market.


We recently had this experience with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet‘s Svengali, which is performing in venues on either side of the country: at the Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver this April 2012 and at The National Arts Centre in Ottawa later this month.


As you’ll see below, LMPR and The National Arts Centre decided to highlight very different aspects of the ballet in an effort to appeal to a targeted patronage in each respective city.


The Ottawa (left) and Vancouver (right) posters for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet's 2012 tour of 'Svengali.'

Click on the image to enlarge the posters and let us know your thoughts in the comments field.

The Royal Winnipeg’s Svengali runs from April 20-22 at The Centre for Performing Arts in Vancouver. For tickets, visit Ticketmaster.ca.

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