A Room of One’s Own: Naomi Stikeman

A Room of One’s Own is LMPR’s photography series that showcases the beloved spaces belonging to members of the artistic community. With a nod to Virginia Woolf’s essay by the same name, we present self-portraits from artists, arts media, and arts administrators in a room they call their own.

This week we caught up with choreographer Naomi Stikeman. Naomi has earned international recognition working with companies including The National Ballet of Canada, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and La La La Human Steps – just to name a few. She was also writer, director, and producer for 2009's highly successful multi-media show, Çaturn (a project prominent theatre artist Robert Lepage was also a part of). Next up for Naomi is the Las Vegas Performing Arts Intensive running summer 2014. This intensive workshop from world-class faculty will guide students through classes in drama, voice, dance, and percussion.

This is Naomi's room:

Naomi Stikeman

Q: Which room did you choose?

My favourite room is our office/playroom/recording studio. It is the apex of our home where thoughts collide and stuff gets made.

Q: What makes this room ‘yours’?

This room is not just mine, I battle for it with my husband, son and cat. But the part that is mine is the colour. In the desert you can never get enough green and so I was determined to douse this one in the most vibrant-kicking-jumping-shouting GREEN possible. My Mum also loves this triumphant life-giving green and so I think of her all the time when I'm in this room.

Q: Identify three items in the room that you love, and explain why they’re special to you.

I particularly love the poster of Paris because it reminds me of my earlier life, old friends, my incredible aunt and uncle, touring, performing and all things gypsyesque. It also serves as a reminder that there is a larger world at work, soaked in history and culture, that I want to return to and visit with my family.

I love our son's toys everywhere and the fact that his learning is directly linked with our learning, and vice versa. We are in this together.

Lastly and most importantly are my husband's keyboard and microphone. His voice and music underscore our lives and transform the room into a pulsing, quaking, bending place of connection. And that is my favourite place to be, the one with no walls.

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