Up All Night: Brian Paterson

Up All Night is a new feature from Laura Murray  Public Relations that asks LMPR staff + arts community guests why they’re losing sleep- whether it’s pondering a live performance until the wee hours or binge watching Netflix. 


In our first post, we put LMPR’s own Head of Digital Division, Brian Paterson, on the hot seat.


Q: What last kept you up at night?


The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry – a fascinating and warm-hearted novel by Gabrielle Zevin.


Q: Why did you feel like you had to lose sleep over this?


I didn’t actually intend to lose any sleep at the onset. I cracked the spine on the book around 8pm- and quite simply found myself unwilling to put it down until it was finished around 2am.


What drew me in initially was the deep reverence the book held for storytelling as an art form and- by extension- the publishing industry that supports it. I could also certainly relate with the main character- a book store owner who wants to share his love and appreciation for a particular art form with others.


As the quick-paced narrative took off, my intrigue morphed into deep emotional investment and I simply could not stop reading until each character had journey to their story’s end.



Q: What’s your secret weapon to combat a lack of sleep in the morning?


Coffee first and foremost – but also not letting yourself get stuck at the monitor too long. You’ll only get exhausted slumped in a chair and staring at a screen- but engaging in brainstorming and exchanging ideas with co-workers (especially ones as energetic as the LMPR team) definitely helps me power through.


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