Welcome to the Team: Niamh

Get to know our new Media Relations Specialist, Niamh Anderson.

Muse: I come up with some of my best ideas while I’m running or just enjoying the outdoors. There’s something about the fresh air that really inspires and motivates me.
Mission: To help spread the love for arts and entertainment in the news. The past year has been pretty gloomy when it comes to current affairs, so seeing a feature on a performer or artist doing what they love can often come as a breath of fresh air. The more arts coverage we can get out there, the better.
MO: I try to use my journalism senses as best as I possibly can when securing media coverage and so far they’re proving handy. I also pride myself on being honest and communicative.
Mantra: Always go with your gut.
Must-Haves: Family, scented candles, sea views and lots of tea.
Music: I love most kinds of music, from Chet Baker to Britney Spears. I draw the line at death metal.
Munchies: Cheese and wine.
Mornings: Unless it’s Christmas Day or I’m catching a flight somewhere exciting, mornings are definitely not my thing. 

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