Week in Review: December 30

New Order of Canada Inductees Recognized

90 new appointments were made to the Order of Canada – an honour that recognizes outstanding achievement along with dedication and service to the nation. Among those honoured are actor and filmmaker Sarah Polley, author and artist Douglas Coupland, and singer-songwriter Jim Cuddy.


Sarah Polley


The Georgia Straight Shares Top 10 Arts Moments of 2013

Top on their list was the well-deserved standing ovation Ballet BC received at the prestigious dance festival Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts. Other notable moments include the opening of the York Theatre, the extended run of Small Stage point 5, and the Vancouver Opera’s announcement of a new Shane Koyczan opera, Stickboy.


The Re-Opening of London’s Apollo Theatre Delayed

After a disturbing ceiling collapse mid-December that injured nearly 80 audience members, a spokesperson has announced that the theatre will not re-open and performances will not resume until mid-January. While criminal action was ruled out, the investigation by Westminster City Council into the reason for the collapse is still ongoing.


Hungarian Butcher Reveals Secret Art Collection

István Kövesi, a concentration camp survivor who made a modest living as a butcher until his death in 1981, had a secret collection of paintings that his daughter has only recently consented to show. The collection includes works from artists such as József Rippl-Rónai, János Vaszary and Izsák Perlmutter, but perhaps more interesting than the paintings themselves is the backstory of the man who collected them.


Sándor Bortnyik's Suburban Landscape


Alvin Ailey Star, 55 Returns to the Stage

Retired dancer Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish slipped into her dance shoes one last time for the special Alvin Ailey performance, Revelations on New Years Eve. With an artificial hip, and ACL’s missing from both knees, Elizabeth faced the daunting challenge of re-teaching herself how to execute movement.


In this video, Elizabeth discusses her experiences preparing for the New Years Eve performance.



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