Top Ted Talks: Inspiration + Creativity

Hanah Van Borek suggests:

Amy Tan – Where does Creativity Hide?

The author of the best-selling novel, Joy Luck Club, shares one of her life’s darkest moments to illustrate how, through ambiguity, creativity can flourish. When faced with uncertainty, our natural instinct is to question “how” and “why” events happen. In the creative process, we seek out answers, and in the pursuit we are helped by our intentions, our imagination, and often a bit of chance. Amy reminds us to accept the discomfort of not knowing because, thought it can be scary, it’s a state that can allow for amazing ideas to emerge.


Chelsea Isenor suggests:

Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius

In this insightful and humorous Ted Talk, Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert discusses the nature of creativity and inspiration. Looking at the concept of genius throughout history, her idea that creative genius is something that visits you rather than something you are is fascinating.


Brian Paterson suggests:

Benjamin Zander – The Transformative Power of Classical Music

Not unlike a great piece of classical music, Maestro Zander’s TED Talk begins with a simple theme, expands it through a series of permutations and variations, and ultimately arrives at a sublimely beautiful resolution of sublime beauty. In 18 short minutes, he not only proves the universality of the art form, but offers inspiring insight into the life lessons it can impart.


Shona Wercholuk suggests:

Kirby Ferguson – Everything is a Remix

Kirby Ferguson argues that many people we view as creative powerhouses have taken other people’s ideas, and transformed them into something new. When discussing the Patent Act, which likens creativity to property, Kirby says, “creative works may be kind of like property, but it’s a property that we’re all building on, and creations can only take route and grow once that ground has been prepared.” I like his notion that creation is the result of the efforts of more than one person, and I find this belief in togetherness inspiring.


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