Q&A: Rachel Lowry

Director, Communications + Promotions Rachel Lowry is LMPR's newest member of the team. With a rich background in music performance and marketing, Rachel comes to LMPR from her most recent role as Marketing Manager at The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

1) Tell us about yourself!

In order to rebel against my rock and roll parents, I decided to study classical voice and orchestral trumpet. Graduating from UBC with a B.Mus. and a minor in commerce, I went on to spend more than a decade working in marketing and programming at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts.

After spending six years as a founding player and board member of Gamelan Gita Asmara, you can now find me playing trumpet with local community orchestras, volunteering on various arts boards, in the yoga studio, or spending time with my husband, Jon.

2) How did you get into arts marketing?

There were many things that led me to a career in arts marketing, but one particularly memorable moment came from my high school career fair. It was there that I met two CBC Producers (both former trumpet players!) who had married the arts and business in their careers.

Something just clicked for me and I realized that this was the path that would best combine my immense passion for the arts with my overwhelmingly practical business nature. It took some time, but when I arrived at UBC in my first year and managed to land a position assisting the Director of Marketing at the Chan Centre, I knew I was on the right track!

3) Which arts organizations inspire you?

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra has always had a huge impact on my musical life. As a student, I spent as many nights as possible sitting in the upper balcony of the Orpheum soaking in all the great orchestral works.

More recently, I have been impacted by performances presented by the PuSh Festival, DanceHouse, and musica intima. I am also a huge fan of the work that St. James Music Academy is doing to remove barriers to musical education for children living in the Downtown Eastside. Truly a remarkable organization!

4) What excites you about the arts in Vancouver?

It can be difficult to keep the momentum going when it seems like each week we hear about the demise of another arts organization, venue, or supporting infrastructure (such as music education, grant cuts, shrinking arts coverage in the media, etc). I am excited by the resilience of so many Vancouver arts organizations and their commitment to excellence in programming despite these obstacles.

5) What are you most looking forward to in your new role at LMPR?

I am thrilled to continue my career at LMPR! Working across so many disciplines and with incredibly talented artists and arts organizations is absolutely the highlight of my new role.

I have been in the office for just a few short weeks, but I am already finding that the atmosphere is electric with so much activity and so much desire to support and showcase all of the remarkable clients that make up LMPR.

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