On the Page: #TBT Favourite Christmas Reads (Part Two)

With Christmas just around the corner, the LMPR team is pleased to share part two of the very special #TBT edition of On the Page.

This week we discuss two stories with characters who have their ice cold, winter hearts warmed by the love and compassion of the Christmas spirit.

Jesse Tanaka – How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Suess


This book of course needs no introduction, a Dr. Seuss classic.

How do you teach spoiled kids the true meaning of Christmas? You simply break into their house at night and rob them of course. Thanks for teaching us an important, although somewhat terrifying, life lesson Mr. Grinch.

I love the imagination that went into his stories and illustrations. It’s amazing to think of how many young minds Dr. Seuss has influenced over the years.

Brian Paterson – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

CAROL-01 copy

For this, I’m going to throw back to my 2011 review of Pacific Theatre’s A Christmas Carol, where I declared:

Of all the festive stories we return to at this time of year, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol must surely be the best. It is a secular tale assuring us that even the coldest, cruelest person is capable of change, and celebrates the remarkable good we can achieve in our lifetimes.

I stand by these words today and will happily enjoy any interpretation: whether set on page, performed on stage, or performed by Muppets (Full disclosure: Especially if it’s performed by Muppets).


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