City Sounds: Rococode

In this month’s City Sounds, we were lucky enough to connect with Vancouver based indie pop duo, Rococode. We spoke with Laura Smith via phone to discuss everything from their beginnings to their creative process.

ROCOCODE 2014 by Lynol Lui

LMPR: How did you and Andrew meet?

Laura: We went to college together at Capilano University in North Vancouver. I had a band and then he started playing with me. We did a bunch of tours together, and eventually we were co-writing every song. One day we decided to start a band together, because it is way more fun to collaborate with other people, rather than just being a solo artist.

LMPR: What inspires you to make music?

Laura: Life [laughs]. For me, it’s something that I just feel like I have to do. I mean a lot of things inspire me: personal situations, other peoples situations, things that I have learned from. Right now, I really just want to write songs that other people connect to and that’s what has been inspiring me lately.

LMPR: You recorded parts of your album in a cabin on the Sunshine Coast. Can you tell us more about this creative experience?

Laura: We really lucked out where one of those magical situations just comes together. Our friend Ted [Gowans] wanted to make an album with us and he had always wanted to make an album with his friend Caleb [Shreve], a talented guy from New York who has made a Wu Tang record. Ted’s childhood friend had a spare cabin on the coast – so we just filled up our van with a studio full of gear and set up the studio in the cabin, where we bunkered down for two weeks.


LMPR: Do you find it easier to make music when you’re isolated?

Laura: Definitely a lot easier to focus. It allows you the space and time to dig a little bit deeper.

LMPR: What can we expect from Rococode in the future?

Laura: We are making an album, very slowly. I think it’s good because we are growing, shifting, and changing a lot – as humans and as a band. I’m excited because it’s going to be a lot different than Guns, Sex, and Glory –  that seems like a lifetime ago. In the immediate future, we are playing Canadian Music Week in Toronto and doing a small tour this summer in Alberta.

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