City Sounds: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Disney

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s about to get even better as the Biltmore Cabaret presents The Wonderful World of Disney –  Tribute Show.


On December 17 at 8pm, prepare to embark on a shining, shimmering, splendid journey as more than ten of Vancouver’s best musicians team up to perform Disney classics.




The stage will be filled with a wide variety of talent – from powerhouse blues vocalist Colleen Rennison, to the distinct sounds of Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond, to the soothing voices of boy/girl duo Rococode. The eclectic range of performers will bring their own style and character to some Disney’s most beloved songs, making for some collaborations that are sure to be extraordinarily magical.


The evening will be hosted by indie-folk band Hunting, a group made up of diverse, locally sourced musicians including Paul Rigby, Jessica Yliruusi, producer Bradley Ferguson, co-producer/drummer John Raham, and violinist Jesse Zubot.  Their sound is often a blend of melancholy and ambience – so it will be a pleasure to experience their take on these adored classics.


LMPR team members’ love of Disney aside – this night is about more than happily ever after. Vancouver has a tight knit local music community, so one of the highlights of the evening will be to see these talented musicians joined on stage by not only peers, but friends. To see a group of people doing what they love, joined by their close friends, is one of the most rewarding things about going to see live music.


You can buy tickets for the show here and you can request your favourite Disney songs for them to play on the night here. The night is sure to make you feel like Peter Pan: you’ll never want to grow up.



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