LISTEN: Arts Amplified Episode 3

Episode 3: Influence – We explore the growing power of online influence and the opportunity this shift creates to reach and engage arts audiences in new ways. Influencer marketing expert and Founder of YesBroadway Sam Maher weighs in on strategic partnerships and creating a unique experience for influencers for maximum impact. Episode three also includes a compelling + insightful roundtable discussion by prominent lifestyle bloggers Samantha Sito and Janette Shearer, as well as Yonella Marcu, Project Manager at Daily Hive’s influencer marketing department.

Music by The Blue Dot Sessions

Hosted and edited by Ashley Daniel Foot
Executive Producer: Brian Paterson
Associate Producers: Kyra Wittkopf and Ben Lange

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(Header Photo by Kristy Powers Photography, courtesy of Ava to Zoe Blog)

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