LEARN: Informative Answers from Account Manager Ines Min

Account Manager Ines Min answers MPMG client questions about media relations + more.

What is the most challenging part and rewarding part of your job?
Question from Bill Reid Gallery

Ines: The most challenging part of the job is just inherent to working at an agency: overseeing multiple timelines and juggling distinct campaigns with unique requirements and traits. But I would also say that this is what makes the work so rewarding — it is incredibly satisfying to collaborate with such a range of artists who come from different backgrounds and have compelling projects to share. As a former journalist, my favourite part of this career is getting to the heart of other people’s stories and amplifying their message in a positive, impactful way.

What does success look like to you when you support a project? Numbers and metrics aside, how do you measure your own satisfaction with your work and client relationships?
Question from grunt gallery

Ines: When supporting a project, we measure the success of a campaign based on the quality of the coverage. We always aim for in-depth features or interviews, which really provide a platform for artists to share their stories.

In terms of my own satisfaction with the work — I love hearing anecdotes on opening night from the client or audience members that they caught an interview on CBC or in the Globe and Mail and were inspired to attend! It’s an amazing feeling to know that our work helps people engage with the rich, cultural fabric of the city.

What kind of changes would you like to see in your industry if any?
Question from PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Ines: With the ever-shrinking media landscape, it is increasingly difficult to gain the attention of journalists who are pressured to cover countless beats with less newsroom support and fewer resources than ever. But aside from traditional media, MPMG also likes to reach out to bloggers, freelance writers, podcasters, and more. It is so important to have a diversity of voices in media, and we love supporting new content creators by connecting them with exciting projects. So if you’re an aspiring art, theatre, dance critic — create a website and update it regularly! We’d love to see more people closing the gap between traditional and new media.

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